Pool Services

Service Plan #1 (Basic Chemical Service) “for the Do It Yourself Home Owner”

  1. This service includes our weekly service stop.
  2. Water chemistry analysis and treatment.
  3. All chemicals included.
  4. Inspect all equipment.

Service Plan #2 (Full Service – Weekly Maintenance)

  1. Test water for chlorine and pH and adjust each visit.
  2. Maintain proper water balance (alkalinity, calcium hardness, and conditioner level).
  3. Skim pool surface of debris.
  4. Brush side walls & steps.
  5. Empty skimmer and pump baskets.
  6. Empty pool cleaner bag.
  7. Clean pool bottom as needed.
  8. Clean tile as needed.
  9. Inspect all pool equipment.
  10. Adjust pool time clocks as needed per season.

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