Pool Filter Cleaning

One of the most important steps in keeping your pool clean is cleaning the pool filter. Your filter works hard to keep your pool clean and sanitary. But, if you fail to periodically clean your filter, dirt and debris and algae can build up within.

When that happens, the filter’s ability to clean is impaired and can become less effective. Filter cleaning is a messy job and should be performed by a professional. The key is to do it regularly.

By using a “backwashing” process once a week, can minimize the dirt that tries to build up within the filter. Over time, however, debris and contaminants can begin to collect on the removable filtering mechanisms called “Grids”. This is why occasional “deep cleaning” is required.

The three types of pool filters (sand, diatomaceous earth and cartridge) each require unique steps to clean them. This is due to each filter using a unique filtering process.For example, a sand pool filter uses a bed of roughly-grained sand to keep dirt from staying in your pool. To clean this type of filter, you should plan to replace the sand every 5 – 7 years.

Cleaning pool filters like Cartridge filters, on the other hand use a complex matrix within the cartridge to keep your pool clean. The main culprits that clog the cartridge are body oils, hair, perspiration and chemicals.

There is no definite lifespan for a filter. Instead, cleaning or replacing the filter is usually determined by canister pressure. Most experts suggest cleaning the Pool filter when the pressure reaches approximately 20 PSI. However, if a tear appears in the matrix of a cartridge or grid, you should consider replacing it.

Diatomaceous earth pool filters are generally the most effective. This type of system uses earth material that is specially-treated to filter out smaller particles than a sand or cartridge filter.

However, cleaning this type of filter often requires more time and effort than the other filtering systems. Your Pool professional will refill the proper amount necessary each time the filter is cleaned.

When the water is dirty, you may need to change the diatomaceous earth more often. To extend the life and longevity of your Pool equipment it is recommended that you clean the grids and filter assembly every quarter, (3 times a year). Think of it as being as important as having the oil changed in your car on a routine basis to extend it’s mechanical life.

Cleaning your filtering system is a critical part of maintaining an immaculate pool and ensures that your pool remains clean and healthy.